DIEM Earring in Citrus Marble

Enjoy one of the new styles in my first polymer clay collection! 

The Diem Earring

  • this style features a citrus-colored marble design, perfect for spring and summer 
  • 3 raw brass discs hang along the bottom
  • ball stud is raw brass; the pin that goes through your ear is stainless steel
  • wear all day in comfort - these earrings are extremely lightweight!
  • Air bubbles are a natural occurrence with clay - I do my best to eliminate them in the making process, but occasionally there may be a few on finished pieces

Polymer clay is a man-made, plastic-based alternative to natural clay. It's similar to natural clay in that it hardens when heated, but those are their only real similarities. Pieces made from polymer clay should be able to bend slightly (although I don’t recommend you go around bending your jewelry!) - it is NOT ceramic and will not feel as such.